Foreword From The Author

Foreword From The Author

For those who work for a living and must deal with problems and stress in the workplace each day, this is your safe place to land

We will answer your questions on handling the problems, people and clients you come into contact with every day while trying to survive in an ever-changing workplace.

Whether you are a checkout clerk, a manager, or an up and coming executive in a huge corporation our goal is to help you survive and achieve success.

Over the coming months, we will answer your questions, provide proven strategy techniques and have guest columnists who are experts in their respective fields.

Let’s begin with dealing with the day to day stress that comes along with having to work for a living. The following is an excerpt from my best selling book available in the Amazon bookstore “Surviving The Corporate Culture”

Personal Health & Well Being

A good friend, whose father was a neurosurgeon, once told me that doctors have stated it to be a proven medical fact, that we all begin our day with 100 biological energy units.
He further said a person could immediately lose 25 of those energy units on the way to work, if they happened to be cut off by another careless driver, and got emotionally upset over the incident.
This has happened to everyone at one time or another, so the lesson was to just “let it go” and try not to get upset, as it could ruin your whole day at work. The same emotional drain can also happen to you at work.

If you are hung up on by an angry client or are locked out of your computer after too many attempts to log in with a new password and then feel compelled to tell everyone in the office about what happened this morning on the way to work.

“Don’t do it”

You will be a happier person at the end of the day if you “ just let it go.”

I’ve found there are some good mantras to replace bad emotions. If I happen to be cut off on the freeway, I may say to myself. “ Yeah, I’ve done that too, without looking” or my personal favorite, for the mean-spirited people who lash out in anger, it would be, “hurt people, hurt people” If you think about it, those four simple words make a lot of sense.

To be productive, we all have to stay physically and emotionally healthy.